Thursday, May 15, 2008


So I love anime, as anyone can tell. My favorites are, of course, Trigun, Full Metal Alchemist, Chobits, Hellsing, Ouran High School, among others. Anime always has such fun, complex, detailed storylines that make the anime shows fun and interesting. There are even tons of anime conventions with cosplay, making friends, going to panels, and simply watching anime. I'd like to spend a lot more of my time at these Anime conventions, if only I had that sort of time. Other times I'm updating my websites, such as my anime directory, my AnimeIowa 2008 cosplay picture gallery, my final fantasy VII and advent children website, and all the other websites I consistently update. Plus I have to pay for my car, my phone, my insurance, future housing, credit cards (for my computers and website hosting and laptops and all the fast food), and all that fun stuff. Hopefully I'll have time to watch more anime, but otherwise I might not.

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